Andrew Dalton

“I am fascinated by black and white. In print, painting and drawing I use black, and its gradations to white, as the vehicle through which I express myself. Whether figurative or abstract, my imagery represents a personal narrative; a distillation of moments that represent experience.”

Andrew trained in Fine Art Printmaking at Central St Martins under Mike Peel, David Gluck, Norman Ackroyd, Sharon Avialotis and Tony Martina. This environment encouraged his interest in monochrome, black and white, intaglio and relief printing.

The process of pressing ink into paper has been his preoccupation for over twenty-five years, and he is still captivated by that moment when the paper is lifted to reveal the image for the first time, and you see your intentions mediated by the process. It is this constant struggle between idea, image and process that compels him to make work.

In 1993 Andrew began working at Tate St Ives as an Art handling Technician and subsequently as Curatorial Officer – exposing him to the work of substantial professional artists such as Patrick Heron, Terry Frost, Sandra Blow, John Virtue, Anthony Gormley and many others.

Since 2010 Andrew has been researching new approaches to his print practice using vinyl lino. This process is very flexible and composite images can be created quickly, retaining a sense of immediacy whilst articulating the medium.