Bren Head

“I have a natural curiosity about people and I am fascinated by the human face. However, I like to think that my “heads” describe a line somewhere between figurative and abstract. They are rarely about capturing  conventional likeness.”

Layering is an essential part of the development and evaluation of Bren’s paintings. Through a repeated process of creation and destruction layers are obscured or partially removed and reworked. The paint and the surface dictate what appears, chance scratches and fractures, changes in colour, cracks and eroded layers alter the subjects identity and significance.
Bren has recently been shortlisted for the Biscuit Factory – Open Contemporary  Portrait Award.
Bren Head 6

Bren Head – 6

Bren Head Woman on The Moor

Bren Head – Woman on The Moor

Bren Head Man With Rayban

Bren Head – Man With Rayban

See No Evil

Bren Head – See No Evil

White Block 14

Bren Head – White Block 14


Bren Head White Block 10

Bren Head – White Block 10