Kit Boyd

“My work develops ideas about the relationship of man with the natural world, either with the figure as an integral part of the landscape or being composed of landscape elements.”

Identifying closely with the British neo-romantic artists whose connection in the rural idyll refined their expression of the spirit of place. Where the Neo-Romantics were escaping from the horrors of war (or Samuel Palmer the industrial revolution), the imagery in Kits prints are a refuge from the frantic modern world where media and technology conspire against quietude and contemplation. While I am not against these advances. Whilst aware of the danger of losing touch with our environment Kit also believes that the pastoral idyll can continue to co-exist with our advances in technology.

Going home Kit Boyd 1.jpg

Going home – Kit Boyd.jpg

Way through woods - Kit-Boyd

Way through woods – Kit-Boyd

Another World - Kit Boyd

Another World – Kit Boyd

Bird in the Bush - Kit Boyd

Bird in the Bush – Kit Boyd

Night on the Lane - Kit Boyd

Night on the Lane – Kit Boyd