Anna Lilleengen
is a North Yorkshire based fine art photographer who works primarily with vintage cameras and analogue processes.

Her research-based MA in Time and Image Based Media was focussed on work made with a Victorian large format full-plate camera and handmade plates. Currently, she is working with a 1937 Zeiss Ikon medium format camera with 120 colour film.

Dahme #7 72dpi
With an upbringing spanning North Yorkshire, Norway and Sweden, the North Sea has always been important to her and her work is frequently concerned with questions of place and belonging. In particular, she has an interest in the uncanny sense or spirit of place and the phenomenology of how we experience ourselves in relation to it.
Since her MA , Anna has held many shows in the UK and Sweden, including Lotte Inch Gallery in York (‘Across the North Sea’ with the late Ted Hughes collaborator Fay Godwin), Butiken Republiken in Stockholm, White Cloth Gallery and Leeds Gallery.
She won the Vantage Art Prize in 2013 and has received funding from the Arts Council and Leeds Inspired in 2014/15 for her projects, as well as being long-listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2014.
Her research has led her to deliver a conference paper on her process-based practice at the ‘Northern Light’ conference at Sheffield Hallam University in 2016 and to form part of the research circle, Selfscapes, in residency at Dalby Forest in the spring-summer of 2018 via York St.John University, exploring the self in relation to nature and producing fresh works in-situ in response.
Recent shows (2018/19) include: a solo summer show at Sillegården in Värmland, Sweden and the Bathroom Darkroom Project residency exhibition at Grosvenor Gallery in Manchester.
Her solo show In Search of.. / Practising for a new dawn at Staithes Studios is a series of sea studies, taken on a return journey from Scandinavia one recent late summer where Anna looks at the meeting point between sea and land and reflects on an elemental meeting of two opposites that results in the apparent creation of a new whole.
She hopes that the pictures will spark an affective response in the viewer, and issues an invitation to step into the felt experience of contemplating the images.

Dahme #1 72dpi

Dahme #5 72dpi