Echoes – Danielle Creenaune

2nd – 30th June
Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun. 11am – 5pm

We have had the pleasure of exhibiting Danielle’s prints for many years but this is the first time she has exhibited her paintings. Her Echoes series of watercolours painted on a beautiful Aquari paper [ handmade in Catalunya] are immediate and full of the gestural energy that Danielle captures so well in her printmaking.

Many of the prints in this exhibition are Mokulito – this technique of lithography using a wooden printing surface creates a range of marks from strong to subtle that because of the organic breakdown of the wood throughout the process change throughout the edition.

Danielle Creenaune completed a Bachelor and MFA at the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia, in 1997 followed by study at the Tamarind Institute for Lithography, New Mexico. Her work explores the dialogue between how landscape is perceived through our library of pre-lived experiences and how this is reflected through the visual language of gesture. Her work has received numerous awards internationally including the René Carcan International Printmaking Award 2016 1st Mention in Belgium, and her lithographs were selected to represent Australia in the International Print Triennial Krakow 2015 Poland. In 2017 she won Leicester Print Studios International Small Print Prize. Her work is held in public collections including the National Gallery of Australia.

Creenaune_EchoesI_2018_web copy

Creenaune_EchoesII_2018_web copy



Creenaune_EchoesIII_2018_web copy

Creenaune_EchoesV_2018_web copyinst

Creenaune_IntoTheSun_2018_web copy