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Ian Mitchell

Northern Linescapes

By drawing digitally, Ian simplifies and reduces the Landscape down to minimalist shapes and forms, presenting them as a range of Limited Edition Prints.

“Walking the landscape gives me a chance to take it in, mentally breaking down views, looking for shapes and forms that I can reduce and simplify.”


For years I worked as a commercial Graphic Designer, and this love of aesthetics has resulted in a very ‘designed’ approach to the landscape.

“Modern, Minimal Northern Landscapes"


Drawing the Landscape

Once I have gathered my photographic reference, I work with a Wacom Tablet and stylus and start to quickly block in shapes and forms. Over the years I’ve trained myself to discard the elements of the landscape not needed. During the later stages of drawing the process get slower & more deliberate, fine-tuning the colours and tweaking things until I feel it’s finished. The resultant digital file is then used to print out Ltd Edition prints onto archival paper.


It's all about the 'design'

An appreciation of my local Northern landscape is what inspires me to walk and in it as much of it as I can. My overriding ambition is to produce a landscape piece that the viewer can connect with.

It’s not about creating a faithful reproduction, but more about creating an essence, a stripped back reduced version. I strive to create aesthetically pleasing images that are often described as calm and relaxing.

“A celebration of the British Landscape”


A variety of sizes and formats

My limited edition range of prints come in a range of sizes, some of which I offer framed.

Should you need a specific size I can often custom tailor it to your needs.

For the full range check out my website.


See the Film

This film was made to accompany a recent Solo Exhibition at the Mercer Gallery
in Harrogate.